Apple Picking 2008

Thursday, December 18, 2008

HE'S out!!

Okay, so Spencer is now out everyone!! The other night I got to take a bunch of pictures of him...he was looking for a new picture, because he's older now..and so his Facebook picture needed to reflect that. It took a while, but I think he decided on one! (You can vote on which one you think makes him 'look' his age!! :) ) He was a party animal...we had a bunch of kids over on Friday - they had pizza and then went off to the movies. Then Saturday he hung out with some friends from church. And on Sunday we had the young men from his class (the Priests) over for dinner. They had fun hanging out together and we enjoyed having all of them over!!

Spencer has had a busy schedule lately with being in the school musical. He practices every day after school. We can't wait for the final performances!! Congrats on getting a part Spencer!!

Happy Birthday Buddy!!


We had a lot of fun watching Brittany put on a gymnastics show with all her other pre-teamers!! She did awesome! They did their floor routine to "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer". Brittany has only been doing gymnastics for a little over a year now and will be trying out for the team in Spring. She works really hard..and it has paid off! She has a great teacher who help her and gives her tips on how she can improve herself. Watching her do flips is a bit scary at times...especially when she does her back tucks! Her dad loves to go and watch her practice! Way to go Brittany!! Keep it up!!

Kami and Sara's Birthday's

In September, we got to celebrate 2 birthday's. Sara turned 2 on the 6th and Kami turned 7 on the 29th. They were both spoiled of course!! We had a lot of party, extended family party and then Kami had a mystery party with 15 of her school friends!! That was so much fun. They had little clues that were revealed at different times and then went on a treasure hunt to find the missing fairy dust! We had a great day with all of her friends. Sara gets to share her birthday with two of her cousins, how fun is that!! Sara and Gabriella are 1 year apart and then Emilee who is 4. I love celebrating their birthday' is so fun to watch them growing and learning. We are so blessed to have Kami and Sara in our home. Both are full of fun and bring us great joy!!

Halloween pictures...

Halloween Fun

Okay, I needed to update this along time ago, but this got pushed to the back burner...sorry!! Halloween was great! Brittany was the "Lollipop Princess" from Candyland, Kami was a "Camp Rock Star" and Sara was a pink kitty! Spencer was a "student from CLS" and trick or treated with his friends all the way home from school...then they went around the neighborhood and did a little more!! The girls went off with Cordell and friends...although Cordell was left behind because he and Sara were too slow!! So off the girls went with their friends...upon getting home, they decided to count, sort and trade candy! It was spread wall to wall in the family room..I have never seen so much candy in my life!! Tyler opted to not trick or treat and went to a friends for some "Rock Band" and his favorite chili from the Schaefer's!! I took all the kids home after dinner and that was the end of our Halloween extravaganza!! ...until next year :)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Use the Force

Our little padawan in training....use the force young padawan and get that spider!!

Monday, October 27, 2008


Well, it is hard to believe that the month of October is almost over! Where does the time go?? We had fun going and getting pumpkins this weekend..although I wish it had been a bit warmer!! On Sunday afternoon we had fun cleaning out our pumpkins and carving them!! Sara put her pumpkin "goo" into Britt's pumpkin. Kami went with her own design and did most of the carving...I helped her with her mouth. I finished cleaning out and carved Sara's (she wasn't to fond of the goo inside the pumpkin...according to her, it's gross! She wanted to wash her hands and be done!) Britt decided on the "difficult" picture of a pumpkin, cat and spider in a after a while of carving, she became frustrated and I ended up finishing it for her! It was a bold year she might get close on her own! We did have these cool electric carving knives that I got on the always good clearance last year..they were great! Sara was extremely fasinated by them...we caught her trying to carve everyones pumpkins with the electric knife. She had figured out how to turn it on and would try to work on everyones pumpkins...they must have needed some work!! All in all we had so much fun with our pumpkins! We lit them up last night, but it was so windy outside that the candles kept blowing out..oh well.